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About Evergreen Landscaping & Ponds

Landscaping with pavers and firepitWith over thirty-two years of combined experience in landscaping, Evergreen Landscaping and Ponds has a truck-load of professional landscaping experience. We’ve been digging at this business for sixteen years and have not hit hard-pan yet. Looks like we’re gonna keep on truckin’.

We are an honest team of landscapers with heaping mounds of respect for our client’s property. We’ll come to your hard-earned homestead, and if necessary, we’ll tear it all up, throw a few rocks at it, get real dirty, and turn it into your long, awaited homestead haven. It’s happened many times! Careful, you may find yourself relaxing to the soothing sound of babbling water, right in your own backyard.

With a diverse range of knowledge and experience, Evergreen Landscaping and Ponds is pleased to offer our high-quality services to both large and small residential sites. We understand the value and importance of a beautiful property.

We are proud to be Master Gardeners, Certified ICPI installers (ICPI= Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute), and licensed, bonded, and insured landscape contractors.

2013 Northwest Flower & Garden Show - Silver Award Winner!
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We received a Silver Award for our display as a 'garden creator' at the 2013 Northwest Flower & Garden Show. We displayed a very woodsy-northwest scene with a 20 ft. long river, with a black bear, blacktail deer, and pheasant beautifully preserved by Alden's Taxidermy in Olympia. The garden was titled "A River Runs Through It", following the show's theme of 'The Silver Screen-Gardens Go Hollywood'. Among native trees and the tranquil flowing river was an old antique bamboo fly-fishing rod and creel. In the antique fishing net, were 2 trout. Remember the father's comment in the movie, when he and his two boys gather and compare their early morning catches..."I would say that the Lord has blessed us all today........it's just that He's been particularly good to me."

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